Ever Expanding Conner Clan

Shortly after Mike and I were married, we learned that we had fertility issues that would prevent us from conceiving a child on our own. We pursued other options such as foster care and adoption, but in 2009 we underwent Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) with a donated embryo. In October, Addie was born.

I had pretty much ruled out undergoing another round of FET due to costs and the strain on my body. However, in 2011 I began to think about how I'd like to add to our clan. Again, we considered foster care and adoption but kept coming back to the idea of FET. So in 2012 I underwent the procedure again. A month later we learned we are pregnant with triplets.

We've heard many doctors advise us to terminate one or two of the babies, and have heard moms gasp and say "better you than me." But we really believe this is a gift from God - one that we are entrusting to Him. In 6 months, our clan will double in size and the adventure will begin!

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