Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Interesting News

China Regulates Buddhist Reincarnation

In an effort to discredit the future Dalai Lama, the Chinese government has decided no one can reincarnate without government approval. This means when the current DL dies and supposedly reincarnates as another DL, the Chinese gov't can say, "Whoa, there fella. How do we know you're the new DL? Did you get approval to reincarnate?"

Then the Chinese gov't can discredit the newly reincarnated DL and instead appoint their own person to be the new DL. What will Buddhists do if 2 people claim to be the new DL? Guess it's a good thing I follow a God who was resurrected only once.

Moose are to blame for Global Warming

Scientists in Norway have discovered one moose can produce 2,100 kilos of methane each year, which is the equivalent of the CO2 output during a 8,077-mile roadtrip. So should we kill the moose to save the trees?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We're All Christians

I love my job - not so much the tasks as much as the people. Where else can I get paid to pray, talk with people from around the world and receive on-the-job training in how to share my faith? I am privileged to have heard the heart stories of some incredible people and I thank them for sharing their journey with me.

And yet ...

I am discouraged to realize that despite my best efforts I spend most of my time with other believers. Monday through Friday I work with Christians; Tuesday night is evangelism training (cuz it looks good on this application thingy I'm working through); Friday or Saturday is game night with church friends; and Sunday is spent going to church or sleeping. I've been asked whether I want to join the church's softball team, but that would be 1 more night dedicated to hanging with believers.

Months ago I applied to volunteer at a local hospital but I haven't heard anything yet. I occasionally glance at the classifieds to see if there's anything in my field in a secular environment. I also am praying about how to build relationships and strengthen existing relationships through get togethers or block parties. But it's so daggum hard to be motivated after a full-day's work to call someone up or go visit someone. I'm probably the only person here who is craving for God to lead me out of the pastures into the world (hat tip to McManus).

Are there any peeps out there who have dealt with this same issue? If so, how do you pop the Christian bubble? Also, is it any easier when your full-time job is to build relationships, do evangelism, etc.?