Friday, July 28, 2006

Crazy with love

Thank you for praying for yesterday’s meeting. Everything went well and Mike and I both just sat amazed as we listened to the mother tell about what Brandon and his brothers have experienced in their short little lives. The boys are so sweet, affectionate and loving that no one would guess at the abuse and neglect they’ve suffered. I pray God will show us how to help the boys heal emotionally and how to show them His love for them.

We pick up Brandon’s brothers today for a weekend of fun, fun, fun! It’s also the “test” weekend to see if we can manage 3 boys at once. We’re praying about taking in Brandon’s brothers permanently – which the other foster family and our social worker are all in favor of. So this weekend will give us a small taste of what it’s like to go from a family of 2 to a family of 5. Are we crazy?!?

I have a big prayer request for some friends of ours in Maryland. Brian and Christina have a 4 month old daughter who died yesterday after a long battle with pneumonia. So please pray for Brian and Christina, their 2-year-old son Kyle, and all their family and friends. This is a tragic, tragic death and I know they desperately need your prayers right now.