Friday, January 12, 2007

Dear Jesus

A wise man (who would laugh if he read this description of him) once said you can tell a lot about a person’s priorities by looking at their prayer requests. If a person is outward focused then most of their prayers and praises will center on the people around them. If a person is inward focused then most of their petitions will be for toothaches, exams, bills, or personal trials.

So what does it say for a church when most prayer requests are for the health of church members? And what does it say for a Christian when their main concern is getting a driver’s license, passing a test, finding a church or getting along with their spouse?

Are these requests wrong? No. But it does show where their focus lies.

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wallace said...

Hey! you never told me that you have a blog! I've bookmarked you... and will be checking back! It looks great!