Sunday, January 27, 2008

Stupid Scientists

Last week, scientists released a breakthrough study that showed women who consumed 2 or more cups of joe a day were twice as likely to have miscarriages. I'm not pregnant (yet) but hoping that this will change in the near future, I decided I should start weaning myself off the euphoric liquid. To say I'm addicted to caffeine is such an understatement. BUT, last week I cut back to 1 cup of coffee, half regular and half decaf, and 2 more cups of decaf. Maybe I can trick my body into not noticing it's missing it's daily dose of joy.


Mark said...

it's a vicious lie ... an unfounded "scientific" rumor ... can't be true ... my hands are shaking so badly ... maybe one more cup of coffee

dennisanddanielle said...

Haha - Good luck with that!
Loved the picture.

ryan said...

I commend you on your efforts to remove the caffeine addiction. With all of the caffeine offered to your coworkers (via tea and espresso), you're balancing the scales globally!