Thursday, May 01, 2008

You Asked for It

Mike has been banned from work. Despite the fact that his dr says he most likely doesn't have noro, they still won't let him in the building due to his continuing symptoms.

Yesterday, I began developing a sore throat with lots of icky sinus junk. As is typical for me, the ick began trickling down my throat and into my belly. I started getting nauseated in the afternoon and had to make a mad dash for the loo. Thus, I too was blacklisted from work. I tried explaining that the nausea was tied to a cold, not noro, but my pleas fell on deaf ears.

I felt really bad for the maintenance folks who were called in to quarantine the bathroom in which I had relieved myself. They had to do a thorough scrubbing of every surface. THEN they had to go to my desk to clean everything there, too. Geez. I guess I understand the need to be super cautious, but I didn't think so much fuss would be made over one little expulsion. I did hear that someone else in my area got sick today, but I claim no responsibility for it!

Oh, and we made local news. Yay for us :) 

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ryan said...

Wow, I'm just picturing people in hazmat suits chasing sick people around armed with toilet brushes. Exciting.