Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Slow Build Up

I’m going to steal from a great man’s blog, but at least I’m confessing it up front. Johnathan Acuff crafted a blog post about how temptations don’t swoop in and bang you over the head; they creep in like a slowly rising river. He says it better though …

"On the evening of January 31, 1953, a father and his 9-year-old son were walking along a large dyke. The father noticed that the water was higher than it should have been. With a watch and a worrisome look he took a rough measure of how high the water would be soon.

In a controlled panic, he and his son woke up the mayor of the small town. They woke up the town council and for hours discussed what they should do. Ultimately the council decided that they should not ring the church bell and wake up the town because nothing serious would happen. The reason they believed everything would be OK was that the dyke had never failed before. Their town had always been safe and so they trusted that what had never happened would not ever happen.

The next morning, the father and son started searching for survivors among the more than 1,800 dead.

Chances are, you and I will never feel the rush of water as a damn breaks and a town disappears. But in many ways, we all know what it’s like to stand on top of a wall as the water slowly rises. To see the warning signs in our life and know that perhaps someone should be warned.

Maybe it’s slow, the daily build up of rain washing against your walls. Maybe it’s unexpected, a storm colliding against you with waves and water you never dreamed could be so deep. But in that moment when you stand on the top of your damn and can see the water rising, don’t try to go it alone. Reach out to a friend. Wake up your neighbors. Ring the church bell.

Because in this damn life, it’s just so easy for never to turn into first time ever."

So how are the dams in your life?


Mentanna said...

did you copy this post just so you could use the word damn? ;)

i totally agree with this btw. living here, i have seen it happen time and again. i am learning personally that true community is one of the best defenses. but that is scary. to open yourself up to people, your weaknesses, your struggles, well that is just terrifying sometimes. but when we do...wow...

Brittany said...

Ha! You figured me out. A favorite joke in college was, "What did the fish say when he hit a wall? Dam!" That's about as bad as a good girl like me would get :)

I wonder what community looks like ... at least the kind you describe. I've heard from so many folks that the biggest adjustment they encounter in returning to the US is the loss of community, and with it the loss of intimacy with others. I've never experienced relationships like that, but instinctively I crave them. It's hard, though, to find others with the same desire and mindset.

Mentanna said...

yeah christian humor cracks me up. just last night, someone on our team was making a joke about the dam beer they bought in spain. that would only be funny among a bunch of conservative evangelicals. imaging cracking that joke with a bunch of lost people?

now to my more serious comment about your comment. honestly, i never experienced the intimacy i craved either until i was willing to go there first. someone has to take the risk first to open up, to say "this is who i am" poopoo and all. i think you will be surprised at how your inner circle will respond to that. it is a taste of pure agape itself and let me tell you, it is like a delicious steak..

don't give up on it...