Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Seen by God

Years ago, Mike and I went to a church where a prophet was visiting. If you're anything like me, you may have viewed such a person with skepticism or maybe even fear. I had certainly never met someone who claimed to hear directly from God.

The prophet, Joan, was a middle-aged, average-looking lady who would have blended in at any craft store. She proceeded to pray over each person and offer words of encouragement from God. Often, her words offered peace but seemed to lack any specifics that would have made her pronouncement unique to the individual. Several people heard about how God loved them, God delighted in them, and God was going to help them. And then came my turn.

After a few moments of quietly praying over me, Joan revealed a secret that not even my husband knew about. She said that God saw me when I danced and he delighted in it. See, I took ballet when I was 7 years old and always had a desire to continue dancing. When no one else was home, I'd turn on some music and bust a move, usually worshipping God.

Joan's statement amazed me for 2 reasons: the obvious reason is because she was able to talk about something I thought no one else knew about. The second reason was because until that moment, I hadn't ever considered that God even paid attention to me - let alone delighted in something that seemed so insignificant. It's kind of comforting, spooky, amazing to think that we are seen by God.


Deanna said...

Great job with the blog recently! I'm enjoying it!

Sarah said...

This story has come to my mind over and over again this past week, wondering what I do that God delights in. Thanks for sharing!