Thursday, June 21, 2012

Introducing ...




Group shot

We had our 16-wk check up with the perinatologist and found out we are having two girls and a boy! Mike already is dreading the dating years and paying for 3 weddings, but overall we're thrilled. All the babies look healthy and great - even Baby A, who the dr had a slight concern about last time.

Here's a rundown of what we learned:
  • each baby weighs about 5 oz.
  • Alwanda is positioned really low right now, so dr said I am still at risk for cramping and bleeding until she moves up more in the uterus
  • Alwanda and Cletus are positioned head to head and will probably end of smacking each other a lot
  • Cletus wants all the world to know he's a boy. We didn't even have to do a btw-the-legs shot to see him waving his flag :)
  • Dr. said he will severely limit my activity in about 4 wks.
  • He also said I need to gain more weight. By week 20 I should look to be full-term pregnant with 1 baby

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aPearantly sew said...

So excited for you! Now, let's come up with better names ;)