Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Have a Dream ... of Tornadoes

Last week, Mike had a dream about three tornadoes wreaking havoc around him. He remembers being afraid of the damage the tornadoes would bring, and that one of our children was clinging to his leg as the last tornado barreled toward them. The last tornado actually touched down and was heading for him when he commanded it to stop and leave; at which point, the tornado completely dissipated and left.

Since then, we have been praying against any attempt of Satan to bring destruction upon us, our friends or our family. A wise friend advised us to use the dreams as a warning from God that we need to go on the attack through prayer and Scripture to pre-empt Satan's plans. We had no idea what form the "tornadoes" would take, but we knew they would attempt to bring destruction.

The day after Mike's dream, I had an incident with the triplets in their stroller. The result was that Ryleigh's car seat toppled off the stroller and she landed face-first in the parking lot. I was horrified and frozen with fear, but thanks to some great moms and my cousin's wife, Jennifer, Ryleigh was quickly cleaned up and calmed. She ended up with bruising on her cheek and a scratch on her nose - and a very shaken mom.

The God-moment in this was that just moments before the accident, I had been holding Ryleigh and trying to calm her down. When I returned her to her car seat, I initially left her unhooked with the thought that I'd hook her in once we got to the car. I was prompted, though, by a thought (which I truly came from God) that I should buckle her in just to be safe. I'm so glad I did because her injuries could have been much worse.

A few days later, we were attending a children's birthday party when a mom walked over to me holding a bleeding Addie in her arms. Addie had run into the corner of a pick-up truck's tailgate and cut her head. The wound bled fiercely and soaked her dress with crimson stains. Thankfully, a few women at the party were nurses. They were able to assess the wound, stop the bleeding and help us decide what to do.

A few God-moments from this experience were the kind nurses who were able to quickly assess and aid Addie (and me, as once again I froze at the sight of my child injured and screaming). Also, Addie's wound was mostly superficial but could have been so much worse if she had run into the truck with her face - or even her eye.

We don't know if these two incidents are tied to Mike's dream but I do know the injuries were minimized by God's protection over us through prayer and spiritual warfare.

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