Tuesday, December 10, 2013

He is faithful

Back when we were a family of two, I already knew I wanted to stay home with our kids once we started a family. At the time, though, Mike and I were working at a non-profit and there was no way we'd financially be able to live on Mike's salary alone. One day, a dear friend spoke a beautiful promise over us.

She said, "God knows your needs and He loves the babies He will give you. Don't you think He'll also provide for these children?"

Six months after we became a family of three, I was able to quit my job and stay home with her.

    Then we became a family of six. 

And those fears of how we were going to provide for 4 children resurfaced. Now, not only did we have more mouths to feed, bottoms to diaper and bodies to clothe, but we also had medical bills.

We thank God that the babies were born healthy and had to be in the hospital for just a few weeks, but even so we accumulated bills in the thousands.

So all year we've been praying for God to help us pay off these bills and provide for the babies. And He is answering in ways we never imagined!

  • My ob-gyn called a few months ago and said insurance had paid more for my delivery than they had anticipated and the dr was refunding us about $500 of what we had paid in advance
  • One of the physicians' office who employs the drs at the hospital called and offered to cut 1 of our bills in half if we could pay it in full now. That saved us about $300
  • This week a debt of $2000 was repaid to us from 5 years ago. And we were gifted $1000 from another source
This is in addition to people sending us checks throughout the year, helping pay for the babies' diapers, and many many other ways God has sent us money when we needed it. 

Please hear my heart in this: this doesn't have anything to do with us. This is all about God being faithful to His promises. We just want to give praise to God and encouragement to others who may be facing insurmountable odds. God is faithful.

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