Sunday, June 11, 2006

Gone forever and a day

I just realized it's been almost 2 months since I've posted - not that there's been much to share. Mike and I completed our foster care training, so now we just wait for the phone to ring. The disturbing train of thought, though, is that in essence we're hoping for some child to be abused or neglected so that we get to be a family to him or her (even if just temporarily). Eerie.

We also made a journey to Pensacola where my youngest brother, Ashton, graduated from high school. While there, my mom made a tentative job offer for a start up company my parents are beginning with another couple. They are looking for a manager of their soon-to-be data storage facility and my mom asked Mike to consider the job. It'll be at least 6 months before anything develops on this front, but it's something to consider.

I got busted at work over a trivial joke, but it's one more black mark on my record. Thankfully the situation was quickly diffused, but I think it served to further solidify my conviction that firstly, I'm not made for cubicle life, and secondly, I don't quite fit in at work. For now, though, all I can do is pray and wait for God to say when, where, how and what.

In more exciting developments, I'm beginning to grasp this concept of living a life of ministry without title, position, strategy or schedule. It happens when I least expect it: at Goodwill with the cashier, at Don Jose with our favorite waiters Marvin and Alberto, and at the pool with random soccer fans (GO USA!). Everywhere we go we encounter people who hunger for acceptance, significance and relationships. Offering these things is much easier than I expected, and more natural than viewing people as targets or, worse yet, enemies to be converted. This is all new to me, but we'll see what develops!

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