Thursday, July 05, 2012

From where I stand ... or sit

I had a quick appointment with the perinatologist today and was encouraged that the babies still look great.

  • Baby A's heart rate is 140, Baby B's heart rate is 144 and Baby C (the kicking boy) is at 146. 
  • I am at 18 wks but my uterus is the size of someone at 26 wks.; in 4 weeks I'll be the size of a full-term pregnant woman
Unfortunately, I also left quite overwhelmed. I know I should focus on the important stuff (me and babies are healthy) but instead I focus on all the changes that potentially coming my way. For instance:
  • dr. asked me about my regular routine. I told her each day I take Addie some where in the morning, like a park or museum. I rest for about an hr during her nap, but once she's awake I then clean or cook or do other chores. Dr said at this point in the pregnancy, I should be spending 6 hrs a day sitting. Um... what??? I can't do that! What about Addie? What about the house? What about poor Mike who works all day??? I can't ask him to then come home and cook or clean or bathe Addie.
  • Oh, but the best part was yet to come. Dr. said by week 24 (and possibly earlier) I will need to be off my feet ALL THE TIME. Again - how is that possible???
I told the dr we are thinking of moving in the next month. She said that's fine as long as it's before I'm at week 24. She also recommended that we think of putting Addie in a daycare or preschool since I could potentially be useless in 6 weeks - not to mention, what I'll be like once the babies are born.

So here's my panicked thoughts:
1. how do I feasibly stay off my feet 6 hrs a day? 
2. what things can I let others do for me without being a burden?
3. is it too late to find a preschool for Addie? and how would we afford one?
4. if we end up moving, how do I contribute given that I'm not supposed to lift anything heavier than a' basket of clothes?

Feel free to tell me to calm down, take a deep breath and relax.


Anonymous said...

Inhale and exhale. Take one day at a time. Listen to you body. God will provide, of this I am sure :).

Enjoy the moment you are in right now. You and your family are going to be just fine. I am excited for the adventures to come for you all.

All that being said: if we can help in any way (Addie-sit, pack, clean) facebook us.
Debi and Bobby Evans

Mamie said...

Calm down and relax. Instead of taking Addie somewhere in the mornings arrange a play date where you can sit. You'll just have to take a big breath and ask for help. It's hard to do but it's what will keep you and the babies healthy. Try to remember, it's all temporary.

Stacy Pawluk said...

Brittany!!! Love you guys so much! I am praying for you all. You know that you can do this, and all the craziness aside, wow!! Remember that God doesn't call the equipped, he equips the called. You have the amazing, and yes daunting, privilege of hosting 3 of his sweet sweet angels, and you are an amazing mom!!! You will get through this, I KNOW that you can do it!!! If we can help in any way, please call me!!!! Love ya!