Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's 4 am, no one in the place but me and Ambien

I've never taken Ambien and I gotta say it worked well ... for about 5 hrs. But then it wore off and my aches started in again, along with some mild contractions. That's alright. If the Tylenol the nurse just gave me doesn't kick in, they'll start monitoring me for contractions.

So here's the low-down from yesterday.

- Went to perinatologist for 34 wk check up
- Babies are doing GREAT! McKenna and Josiah are in the 60ish percentile for weight, and Ryleigh is right on target. All 3 babies are active and are visibly practicing breathing.
- I'm doing great since I still have no swelling and really have gained just over 50 lbs. I think I gained more weight when I was pregnant just with Addie

Right before we left the office, though, the dr ordered a blood pressure test. The numbers came back slightly elevated, so she ordered as 2nd test plus a urine test. The 2nd test presented even high blood pressure numbers and the urine revealed 2+ levels of protein. At that point, she thought it best for me to check into hospital for 24 hrs blood pressure/urine monitoring. This will end in 1 of 3 results:
1. dr decides numbers are in normal range and I'll be sent home on full bed rest (hahahaha!)
2. dr decided numbers are elevated just enough to warrant keeping me here until they deliver, which could be a few days to a week.
3. dr decides it's best not to risk it and just deliver tomorrow (or today, rather)

I don't think #3 will be the first choice since I seem to be doing so well but I'm not a dr.

The funny thing in all of this is that I (and by connection, God) have become quite the spectacle around here. The nurses and techs who have seen me marvel about how great I look and my happy outlook. In fact, I've been called "cute" by several of the staff. They really are surprised that at 34 weeks I do not have typical symptoms like swelling, or that I'm under 200 lbs, or that I've not been on bedrest at all during this pregnancy. And whenever they come in to my room, whether it's at midnight or 4 am, I am chipper and pleasant.

I hope in all this that the staff gets to hear our story of how God has carried us through every obstacle and has met every need.

I also hope to see my baby girl today. She had her first day of preschool yesterday and I'm so so sad that I missed that milestone. And I hope the meds kick in so I can snooze just a wee bit longer.


Jennifer D. said...

I am so, so happy things are going so great!! I was shocked when you said you were already 34 weeks!! That's crazy awesome!! Praying no matter the decision, things continue to go smoothly.

Vickie M. said...

Sending prayers, love and good wishes to the entire family. Like Jennifer D - I cannnot believe you are already at 34 weeks (but I'm sure you can!). Can't wait to see pictures of the babies once they arrive.