Saturday, November 23, 2013

Caledonia's been everything I've ever had

Yesterday I posted a comment on fb about our desire to move eventually to Ireland and I was surprised by the number of people who commented with encouragement or thoughts. For years Mike and I have felt like our hearts (and bodies) belong in Europe. We thought for a while about possibly finding a way to Spain but time and again Ireland called to us. So while yesterday's post was partly in jest, I think it also was a public declaration of our long-standing dream to move to Ireland. Like Joshua who publicly told the sun to stand still, we publicly declare that our heart's dream is to live in the land of leprechauns and fertile fields.

Mike laughs about my drive to create lists but here are two lists currently rotating in my brain:

Top 4 Job Options for us in Ireland
1. I finish the books I've started and get published, become independently wealthy and move wherever we want.
2. Mike becomes an independent IT consultant who can work remotely from wherever he wants
3. We start a company based in Ireland doing .....?
4. Mike perfects his banjo playing and dancing, auditions for a Galway-based band, and we strike gold

And Top 5 Reasons we Belong in Ireland
1. I like tea better than coffee
2. We can speak Irish (ie: top of the morning, they're always after me lucky charms, aye)
3. Mike already likes Irish sports better than American sports
4. I could listen to Celtic Woman and Celtic Crossroads all day long, and I know the lyrics to "Galway Girl"
5. We have seen Ireland in calendars

Ok, so these are in jest but the real reasons aren't nearly as entertaining. Honestly, there's just something about the culture and people that pulls at my heart. And even though I've never been, Ireland already feels like home.

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