Monday, March 10, 2008

New Website

I haven't seen any comments lately, so I have a feeling this blog dropped off the face of the web. Maybe I should contact Al Gore to fix that for me :)

Anyway, in case anyone cares I now have a family website.

You may notice the "mac" reference - yes, I have crossed to the dark side. Or, as the folks at my local mac store say, "I have seen the light."

Our new website has photos, blogs for me and my husband, info about us, etc.

So check it out if you have some spare time.

1 comment:

dennisanddanielle said...

I check your blog almost on a daily basis. I just don't leave many comments. I can't believe you have joined us in the MAC world. Welcome to virus free living. As graphic designers we've always had MAC, and love. Not to mention all the COOL feature it has, like I'm able to talk to my family via video iChat -- so cool, nothing like the pc (though we do have a PC laptop) I can't believe the folks at MAC even got your to open a MAC account - we declined :) hahah Their GOOD salesman, huh? hahah If you have any question about your new toy, I mean computer, feel free to ask us. ( i pretty much set up my families' iMac for emails on Mail, ichatting, etc.)