Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lost and Found

This past Wednesday, I did something that's even clumsy by my standards. I lost my engagement ring at the gym. I had placed them in my shoes thinking, "surely I'll see them there and remember to put them in my bag before I leave." Somehow I remembered to get my wedding band but not the diamond ring. Thankfully, a kind, compassionate soul found the ring that night. She left a message with the gym for them to pass her phone number to whoever came looking for the ring. Problem - the gym lost her name and phone number. 

The gym allowed me to post fliers in the ladies' locker room on Friday, and by Saturday morning I received a call from Jennifer. Thank God for kind finders who take pity on hapless losers.

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Dennis and Danielle said...

OH MY GOODNESS... I'm so glad that person returned it! wow!