Monday, January 26, 2009

The nerve!

Ok, not to be overly dramatic, but I seriously think I've hit this nerve every morning when I go to do my injections on the right side. And if not this nerve, then one like it.

I've tried several different areas on the right side and only once have I been able to do the injection on the first try without feeling like fire is pouring into my backside.

What am I doing wrong?? Ok, maybe this is better answered by a doctor or nurse. But, I've talked to 2 nurses and a doctor about where I'm supposed to be doing the injection and all 3 have given different answers. One nurse said to aim for the bone right above the cheek but before you get to the vertebrae. Another nurse said to do it on the side right above the hip bone. And the dr said to aim for the outer right quadrant of the cheek (which is what the internet said to do but it still hurts!)

I don't mind the injections necessarily; the left side works great and I can finish it in a few minutes with minimal pain. But the right side is not working for me right now.


Anonymous said...

I don't know much about injections but as pregnancy gets farther along the baby can hit the sciatic nerve. It feels like what you're describing. Just a few more days right??

Brittany said...

well, the injections are supposed to continue for 3 more months. YAYYY!

Shannon said...

i have in the past had to give myself injections in the stomach not my bum :0.This sounds worse. OUCH! I used to tell people I would inject myself in the eye if it would get me pregnant :).

Anonymous said...

3 more months! Brittany, you are superwoman!