Sunday, February 01, 2009

Baby Alien

I've been reading this book my mom bought me called "From Conception to Birth." It photographically chronicles the development and growth of a baby during it's 9 month hibernation, and is really quite remarkable. The only weird thing is seeing photos like the one above and realizing that the baby looks more like a sea monkey than a human. Some of my favorite photos show the baby's tail, gills and ears near the base of the skull. Part of me marvels at how something so odd gradually rearranges itself and develops into a perfectly-formed child. The other part looks and goes, "Ewww!"


Dennis and Danielle said...
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Anonymous said...

I think you sent me that book when I was pregnant. I loved seeing the actual size but some of it was pretty gross looking. Don't worry though i'm sure your baby won't come with gills and a tail.

Shannon said...

Pictures and descriptions like this one are why Baby Boy in my tummy is currently called "Tadpole." We called Baby that from near the beginning after reading about what he looked like. Unfortunately for him that nickname has stuck will probably stay, especially since we have yet to agree on a real name. We call Emeline "Frog." Poor children.