Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Butt-head and the Kickers - (26 wk round-up)

Here is an unofficial composite ultrasound of the triplets at 26 weeks:

You probably can't tell from the illustration but Ryleigh's butt happens to be right at my solar plexus - this explains a lot of the discomfort I've been feeling at the top of my uterus. Supposedly, the ripping sensation I've been feeling up there are the muscles tearing as they try to adapt to the bulging baby that has wedged herself near my ribs. She also has the entire top of the uterus to herself so we were able to see her bowlegs stretched the length of the womb.

McKenna is in a jack-knife position with her butt right above Ryleigh's head. In fact, in several of the ultrasound pics of Ryleigh, you can clearly see a buttocks hovering just above her face. Poor Ryleigh. Although, as Mike pointed out, at least she's not being smothered by Josiah's posterior. McKenna by far is located the farthest south in my uterus, sometimes right on top of the cervix.

Josiah still is a proud boy. I didn't make the illustration gender-specific in order to keep it PG, but the ultrasound tech had quite a few giggles at Josiah's expense. He is the most active of the three kiddoes, and he specializes in kicks to the gut.

McKenna weighs 1 lb., 13 oz
Josiah is 1 lb., 12 oz
Ryleigh is 1 lb., 11 oz

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