Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Doctoring by guess and theories

I believe today should be recorded in some almanac as the day a doctor finally admitted a truth we patients have long suspected: much of what drs. do is merely based on theories and contradictory studies. Today's admission came after she admitted that there are not enough studies on triplet births to really know what helps or hurts triplet pregnancies. Some studies indicate that lots of rest is beneficial while others seem to indicate there is no known benefit from enforced bedrest. This would explain the variety of opinions I've received from my various health care providers.

* My ob/gyn in Richmond said I should expect to gain 40 lbs. She also said the idea that I should gain lots of weight to make room for the babies is a myth and that there's no correlation between my size and the size of the babies.

* One of the perinatologists in Richmond said I should gain 55-60 lbs, and I need to fatten up early in the pregnancy so the babies will have a better chance at having good birth weights.

* One perinatologist in Richmond told me to do whatever I want (within reason) but to stop an activity if I begin to cramp. He didn't believe in prescribed bedrest or house arrest unless there were indications that the patient needed it. The other 2 perinatologists I saw prescribed half bedrest (meaning 6 hrs a day) starting around week 20 and full bedrest starting around week 24.

* My ob/gyn in Jacksonville echoed the idea that I should do what I feel like doing until I begin to hurt or cramp. She said I should aim to rest 2 hrs a day. She did say the reason many drs prescribe increased rest is because a few studies have shown that when a patient stands for long periods of time, the blood flow to her uterus begins to decrease - which can lead to pre-term labor. She also warned that I will most definitely be on bedrest at some point but she doesn't know when.

So since I feel great, haven't experienced any cramping, still have good blood pressure, etc., I think I'm going to forego the restrictions Mike and my family have placed on me. I'm gonna start jumping on trampolines, riding my bicycle, skiing on the local river and skipping wherever I go... at least until I start cramping or a baby falls out.

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