Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Country Road Take me Home

It's been more than 8 weeks since we left Richmond ... just about enough time for homesickness to start kicking in. The irony is that until this summer, I never would have claimed Richmond as my home nor would I have thought I would miss it if I ever left. Eight weeks away from the River City has opened my eyes, though, to how much I love that city and its people.

 1. I definitely am missing autumn. I love EVERYTHING about fall: the colors, the temperature, the activities. Right now, I should be planning a camping trip with the Parks' family or going apple picking with friends. I also should be wearing a light jacket as I take Addie to a park or nature walk.

2. I miss pumpkins - and not the kind you buy at a grocery store. It's no surprise that there are few (if any) pumpkin patches in Jax given its hot climate. But it was a family tradition of ours to go to a nearby pumpkin patch where we could select our own pumpkins, ride on a wagon full of hay and eat pumpkin-flavored treats.

3. Oh to have a hye burger at the Armenian food festival! I took it for granted that food festivals and ethnic food places were a given in large cities. Thus far, I have not heard nor seen any indications that our new city celebrates various cultures through food festivals. This is sad. I mean, hye burgers are like heaven with a side of green beans.

4. I miss the familiar places and faces. I miss knowing each week I can take Addie to a local children's museum where she could sit on dinosaurs or pretend to work at a cafe. I miss having friends who I could call in the morning and ask about visiting with them in an hour. i miss knowing where our favorite pizza joint, Indian restaurant, cafe and Mexican restaurants are located. I miss my gym. I just miss Richmond.

I promise my next post will extol the greatness of Jacksonville and the many wonderful people and places we've experienced. For now, though, I will look out my back window and imagine orange leaves floating from branches as I sip a steaming cup of apple cider.

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