Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Falling in Love with You

We have finally potty trained Addie! As a result, though, she prefers to run around the house naked. We can usually force her into a shirt and underwear but she requires a lot of convincing.

Addie will turn 3 in two weeks. Wow, time really has flown! She is obsessed with princesses, fairies, and superheroes. Sadly, she already thinks girls aren't allowed to play with legos, pirate toys or superhero figures. She is one tough and brave kid, but she's also very sensitive and sweet. I love my not-so-baby girl.

McKenna still refuses to show us her face. She is positioned nearly right on top of my cervix so when she moves, it feels as though she's about to fall out. While we haven't seen her smiling face yet, we have seen a head full of hair (see arrows on right of pic)

Ryleigh also has a head full of hair, and she is one rolling squirrel. She is the most active, but also smallest, of the triplets. I have a feeling she will keep us busy.

My dad says this picture proves I'm giving birth to a Dachshund rather than a little boy. Can you see the dog (only sick-minded people do)? Normal people see my sweet boy's face looking right at us.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Mike & Brit, I must be one of those sick people. I see the dog. :-P