Wednesday, December 05, 2012

A Whole Lotta Lovin'

So if you pay attention you'll notice a large gap of time has passed since my last post. There's a reason for this: their names are McKenna, Josiah and Ryleigh. And most likely you know they were born Oct. 24 and spent a few weeks in the hospital before being released home. Josiah has been home nearly a month; the girls came a week after him.

And life has never been the same.

Our 3-year-old is more visible in expressing her shock over our new lives. She has taken to throwing splendid tantrums in Target. If you happen to see a toddler lying on the ground thrashing her legs, chances are it's my child and you'll find me hiding one aisle over. She also has decided the hill on which she's willing to die involves clothing. It can take her 20 min to choose underwear and an hour to choose a dress. If I dare dress her in something she didn't choose, I risk igniting another Mt. Vesuvius scream eruption. When people ask me how we are coping, I sadly tell them life with the triplets is a cakewalk. It's our 3-year-old who frustrates and baffles me.

Mike, too, seems to be coping with this life transformation in his own way. Most days we are both optimistic that things are going well and will only get better. But after sleepless nights or endless fussiness from our son, Mike will be known to say, "I've decided I don't like babies."

And I know what he means. They are smelly, messy and very very needy. Our schedule revolves around their schedule and there are days I feel like a prisoner in my own home. It may be noon before I'm able to shower and brush my teeth. We can go days without leaving the house - which I hate for Addie since she's so active and can't tolerate this slothfulness well. And tasks that normally took 10 min can now take half the day.

Thankfully, Mike has been working from home and has been a HUGE help. We've also been propped up by family, friends, church members and lots and lots of coffee. Honestly, I don't think we could have survived without folks coming to bring meals or to feed babies. We've even had a few nights of uninterrupted sleep thanks to my parents watching the babies long enough for Mike and I to escape, sleep, breathe and reset ourselves.

So while things may seem chaotic and messy, I know we are starting to find our balance. We have a system for feedings, cleaning and surviving. And once in a while we have time to write, read and relax.

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