Thursday, December 06, 2012

Hardship Begets Generosity

Today I've been thinking of the medical bills that already have started rolling in. We are blessed to have decent insurance, but triplets who remain in the NICU for 2-3 weeks are bound to cost a pretty penny (or cute penny as the case may be). Honestly, I'm not sure how we're going to pay these bills. I'm working on the faith aspect and trusting God but there are days it's hard to believe we will come out of this with more than the clothes on our backs.

And then God does amazing things to remind me He hasn't forgotten nor is He surprised.

He leads me to verses that tell of a small band of believers who were undergoing immense poverty and persecution. Yet, in the midst of their suffering Paul tells us that they "begged us insistently" for the opportunity to give. Seems the reverse of what I would do in the midst of poverty and hardship; yet Paul says because of their generosity and faith, not only were their names being remembered but so was the name of God.

He then surprised me with a very unexpected gift from my dearest and bestest friend. My friend, who is not Scrooge McDuck swimming in money, is probably the most generous person I know. She sent a note with a check. Her note said she had the opportunity to earn some extra money and she wanted us to have it for Christmas, formula and diapers. And the check was beyond anything I would normally accept from a friend.

Not only will I remember her gift forever and ever, but I'll remember this day as a reminder from God that He is Jehovah Jireh. And God is faithful. And my friend is awesome.

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