Thursday, December 06, 2012

Conner Predictions

I'm not psychic and fully admit I could be 100% wrong regarding my predictions for these cute children (minus Santa). However, based on the time I've seen them, here are my guesses regarding my four offspring.

Nickname: Addie Boo, Midget, Munchkin
Character: strong-willed, compassionate, fearless
Prediction for future: Addie will be class president and possibly a lawyer. She has strong convictions of what is right and wrong, and is rarely willing to budge from her conviction. She can dig in her heels with a stubborn streak rarely seen, but I believe this character trait will serve her well. I don't think Addie will be one who is easily swayed; rather, she will be the one leading the swayers.

Nickname: Sweet cheeks (seriously, you have to see her cheeks)
Character: laid back and easy going
Prediction for future: McKenna will be the one to engage in reading and non-competitive activities. While her siblings are arguing or getting into trouble, McKenna will be cuddled next to her daddy as she reads a book. She will be the obedient one who we could leave alone for the weekend at home and know the house will still be standing when we return.

Nickname: Chubs
Character: needy, daring, mischievous
Prediction for future: Josiah will be the kind of kid who you worry about when he gets quiet. At just 1 week old, he was already trying to roll over in the NICU. He started out the weakest of the triplets but quickly surpassed them. He is VERY strong and determined. Josiah will be the instigator and will be the one to think of new ways to try daring adventures.

Nickname: Lil Bit, Q-tip (due to her white hair)
Character: feisty, fun
Prediction for future: Ryleigh will be all tomboy. Even the nurses in the NICU talked about how Ryleigh require more baths than the other kids because she was always messy and smelly. I can see her being the fun kid who runs around with boys. She also will be the character in the group. Even now, she loves to put on a show of facial expressions as we laugh at her antics.

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