Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Song of Thanks (minus the music)

It is not an exaggeration to say it takes a village to raise triplets. So as much as today is a celebration of their birth, it also is a celebration of the people who have helped us get here. This song's for you:

  • from the beginning, my parents have been amazing in stepping up to be a 2nd set of hands. They helped find us a house in Jacksonville that was close enough to them that they could drop everything and come help with midnight feedings or fussy babies. They have babysat for us just about every week just so Mike and I can attend a Bible study or have a date night. We couldn't have survived this year without you.

  • Mike's mom, Bunny, has been more than gracious in helping and visiting us! She even drove the 11 hrs from Richmond by herself to be with us this past spring. Even from a distance, she makes her presence known through gifts of formula, diapers and clothes. We thank you so much for supporting us in more ways than one.

  • A group of 3 ladies surprised us with a thorough house cleaning while I was in the hospital following the babies' delivery. I don't see these Journey ladies much any more, but I'm still touched by the kindness and service of Annelyse, Stephanie and Nicole.

  • I have had a steady stream of helpers who have visited me weekly to help give me an extra set of hands. Mary Gilbert was a constant source of information in the early days about development milestones and how to help the babies progress. Allison has just 1 day a week when she's not working and she often dedicated that day to helping me. I am so humbled by her sacrifice. Lyn has never failed to bring us a delicious meal, a servant heart that doesn't mind folding laundry, and an over-abundness of love for our babies. To each of these ladies I say "THANK YOU!!"

  • My college roommate, Bethaney, surprised me more than once with cards and gift packages just to encourage me and let me know she's thinking of me. This lady is so precious to me and I have stood on her shoulders more than once just to make it another day.

  • There's not many teenage girls who would willingly give up a weekend to watch our kids, but on more than 1 occasion the Davis family baby sat for us. We relied on those date nights to keep our sanity, and it was even more touching that we would return to find all babies bathed and ready for bed. Thank you Sheri, Kamryn, and Amber.
There are so many people who have carried us with their prayers and words of encouragement. For each and every one of you, know that today we remember you, give thanks for you and acknowledge that we wouldn't be celebrating today without your support.

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