Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Here's to celebrating small victories

Today I let Addie go to school wearing a horribly mis-matched outfit because she felt beautiful and because what she wears doesn't matter in the long run

Today I didn't lose my temper and say to Addie, "Go away," or "Addie, please, just stop," or any other words that would convey to my precious daughter that she is a nuisance (because she's not)

Today I loved and snuggled with 2 fussy babies who are sick and just want to be held, rather than get frustrated at their increased neediness

Today I remembered to move the laundry to the dryer. Even better, I didn't worry about when to fold it.

Today I waited until the evening to run the dishwasher because it's much easier to unload when Mike is here to help. Y'all don't know how hard it was to force myself to wait when 95% of me said, "just do it now and get it over with."

Today I took some time for me, even if it was just a 20 min. break to walk the neighborhood.

Today I started the morning gazing at the sunrise and telling God, "I can't do this by myself. Please, please help me."

Today I accepted that my failures are in the past and today is a new day.

Today I accepted that I'm still going to fail, and that's ok, too.

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Tanya Glanzman said...

Sounds like an awesome day :)