Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mommy Night In

Last night at dinner my husband suggested I take the next night off for a "mommy night out." Splendid idea!

All day I pondered whether I would go see a movie, or perhaps lounge in a local eatery while sipping tea and reading. Or maybe I'd find a quiet store and window shop.

The next day flew - especially after lunch when we loaded all 4 munchkins in our van for an impromptu visit to our city zoo. We had a blast comparing animals to our own herd of kids (we found a gorilla that very nearly matched Josiah), but by time the zoo closed we were tired and cold. We rushed home, orchestrated dinner, cleaned up, switched to pajamas and wearily dumped 3 bodies into bed. By this time the thought of leaving my warm home for any outing seemed more exhausting than rejuvenating.

Thus an idea was born: in house spa night!

Mike agreed to wrangle our eldest in bed, thus freeing me up to soak in a bath while listening to soft music accompanied by the sound of crashing waves. I drank a glass of ruby red wine and read a young adult book. Bliss. I then did my nails, slathered on lotion, performed a self facial and emerged scrubbed, polished and relaxed.

Sometimes staying home can be more relaxing than cavorting around in the cold, especially after a rambunctious day of herding our own tribe of monkeys.

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