Thursday, April 20, 2006

Brief Checkin

I have some really great photos from the conference and my time in Hamburg, but I've now left the hotel and can't plug my computer into any internet cable to be able to upload the photos. Lo siento! Oh well, at least I can tell you about my adventures the past few days.

Tuesday, we left the conference center and drove to Hamburg with 2 friends who are serving in Germany. We toured the city on Wednesday and had tea with a family from Afghanistan. I was amazed to hear their story of how they were on vacation in Russia when war broke out in their home country. Relatives told them not to return, so they ended up in Germany where some other relatives had already moved. The wife used to be a successful dentist, but now she's simply a dentist's assistant. The husband used to be a journalist, but now he's unemployed. They were so incredibly hospitable and kind, and I'm thankful that they shared with me their story.

We then left Hamburg yesterday and drove to Berlin. I had dinner with some friends at a Turkish restaurant before we took a brief tour of the city. We walked to Checkpoint Charlie and through the immigrant section of city, but since it was nearly midnight we decided to save the rest of the tour for today.

Only 2 more days before I head back to the US. This is a bittersweet revelation: I'm anxious to return to my husband, but these past 2 weeks have been like a mountain-top experience of sitting at the Master's feet and of fellowshipping with some amazing people. I stand in awe of God's great creativity each time I hear someone's life journey and see how God crafted each character and plot with the swiftest pen and deepest mystery.

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Rede Vida Mais Café said...

It was GREAT getting to finally meet you. You'll have to stop by and visit us sometime! Have a super week :-)