Monday, April 17, 2006

the Journey

The thought hit me at lunch today: in most likelyhood I will never see the majority of these people again. I've enjoyed getting to meet our workers this week, but already I'm feeling the sadness and bitterness of our impending departure from this haven back to the real world. The next meeting isn't scheduled for another 3 years and I'm hoping by then that God will have moved me onto another phase of my journey.

We had some excellent sessions today, and I want to share just a few insights I gleaned:

* Be contagious in your life no matter where you are. It’s more important to pass along a passion rather than a lesson.
* if a church or church member is dead or diseased, cut it off
* Healing doesn’t come without movement. Churches that continually focus on healing the congregation will never be healed without moving toward a goal/vision

I'm still struggling with the concept of being content on the journey even if you don't where the path leads. Perhaps I wouldn't feel so useless, purposeless, etc., if I actually was doing something of value where I am. It's like I keep looking to the horizon and thinking, "When I reach that point in my life, I'll be able to finally help someone." Or I think, "When I fulfill my dream of being an overseas missionary, then I can say I've finally arrived."

Truth is, though, the path never stops moving -- even after it delivers us to our 'dream destination.' And perhaps God is wanting me to use my current situation/location as a training ground for ministry where I am rather than waiting for what I'd consider an ideal situation. But knowing the solution to my discontent and actually walking in it are 2 different things.

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Anonymous said...

You are one of the best non-judgmental listeners I've ever met-you love me no matter what and give me space when I need it-your always available and never imposing-you always can make me smile and laugh, and access the joy within even when I'm hurting- how is that practice for ya?