Friday, April 14, 2006

Church and Post-Modernism

Lessons from our Post-Modern seminar ...

Most modern churches use a “drag-in” mode of evangelism rather than an “outreach” mode. Their main goal is to go into a community and attract unbelievers into the safe confines of the church building. They believe, knowingly or not, that God can be involved only in church sanctioned activities such as worship, Bible studies, women’s fellowship groups, etc.

The gospel teaches, however, a more incarnational method of evangelism. Rather than bringing people into the church so that they can experience God, we are to go into the world to live God before them.

Unfortunately, believers who acknowledge the need for incarnational evangelism rather than attractional evangelism still default to the attractional methods.

Church among one group of post-moderns may look more like a discussion group in a cafe. For another group, it may be a home-based Bible study. Another group of post-moderns may never step foot inside the confines of a traditional church building but they will gladly discuss spiritual matters inside the familiar setting of a bar, cafe or home. We are not called to bring them to church or to create church - we are called to be the church.

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