Sunday, April 02, 2006

Time flies ...

Tomorrow night is our final class for foster care. I'm amazed at how quickly - and how slowly - 9 weeks have passed by. There were times Mike and I thought the 3 hour session would never end. And yet, here we are nearly at the end, and part of me still feels unprepared. I suppose even birth parents experience the same emotions: excitement, fear, anxiety, wonder, and eagerness. If it weren't for our schedules we'd probably take a child within a week. However, we've requested to be placed on hold until at least May. Ahhh! So little time, so much to do :)

In other news, Mike just celebrated his 35th birthday this past week and we spent a few days on a secluded farm with just us, some cows and a one-eyed cat! It was great - just the solitude and peace made the trip well worth it. I highly recommend Fairhill Farms to anyone seeking a retreat near Richmond. While we were away, we spent the time discussing our dreams, plans and frustrations. I can't reveal much at the moment, but suffice it to say big changes may be a-comin'!

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