Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Touchdown in the Land of Lederhosen

After 9 hours on planes and 3 hours on a bus, we finally arrived at our hotel in Germany. Actually, the hotel is more like a mansion! It has 500 + rooms, a bowling alley, skating rink and indoor water park. I've already gotten lost once, but that's not a real shocker.

I've only been in Germany a day, but my initial impressions is that it's much like America. They drive on the same side of the street as we do in the US, and many of the cars look like they'd fit right in on Route 66. Most signs are in English and German, and my first meal in country came from none other than McDonalds. I'm sure the changes will become more evident as the days go by.

I'll be sure to post more details and photos in the coming days! Pray for me - my glands are starting to swell and I'm dragging. It's nothing a good dose of sleep and prayer can't fix :)

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Tanya :) said...

I'm glad that you got there o.k.- PT called me today and asked if you got off alright but I told her I didn't know- now I can tell her yes tommorow at prayer- she also asked how Mike's eye was doing- that Don had e-mailed him but hadn't heard anything back yet-Luke is teaching at the mens meeting this week- remind Mike about it- I'm jealous that you are playing in the land of Oz and I'm stuck at home doing yard work :) Have a BLAST! Hope you are feeling better- I WILL pray for you my friend.